Ecoflight overflight of Chaco Canyon

Energy development (oil & gas, coal, uranium) is intensive in the area surrounding Chaco Culture National Historical Park in Northwestern New Mexico. Chaco NHP is designated as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO and is one of the finest examples of Puebloan culture centers in the Southwestern United States (inhabited AD 850-1250). Our video shows the encroachment of oil & gas development on Chaco.

From Chaco Canyon to Chimney Rock: A Landscape Worth Protecting

Join the National Trust for Historic Preservation on an animated visit to the Chaco world, which spanned the Four Corners area of Colorado, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico and was inhabited by ancestral puebloan people from about 850-1250. You'll have an aerial perspective on the breadth of Chaco sites, their connectivity on the landscape and threats that they face in the wake of energy development in the San Juan Basin.

"With the advent of fracking and horizontal drilling, oil and gas is poised to encroach further on Chaco Culture National Historical Park. The BLM is at work on a resource plan amendment that is exploring various alternative strategies for managing the land. Many environmental organizations are trying to get out in front on the issue."