Night image of the great kiva in Chetro Ketl

Night image of the great kiva in Chetro Ketl

We need a balanced approach

Much of northwestern New Mexico has already been leased for oil and gas drilling, including on tribal lands and around sensitive places like Chaco Canyon.  With your help we can still protect the surrounding area around Chaco Canyon. 

Please take a moment to send a letter to the NM State BLM. A sample letter is below, please cut and paste into your email and send to:

Sample letter to BLM:

Acting State Director Aden Seidlitz
Bureau of Land Management -
New Mexico State Office
P.O. Box 27117
Santa Fe, NM 87502-0115

Subject: Balanced approach to oil and gas development - Greater Chaco Landscape

Dear Acting Director Seidlitz,

Chaco Canyon and the surrounding area is truly a national treasure. Rich in cultural resources, the area is deserving of special consideration and careful planning for the future.

The cultural resources of the area are invaluable to local tribes and pueblos and give us all a glimpse into the vibrant civilizations that inhabited the region centuries ago. Tribal members also continue to live on this landscape, continuing the ranching, farming and traditional lifestyles of their ancestors.

In the past, oil and gas development has been the dominant use in this area. BLM now has the opportunity to put conservation on equal ground with drilling to protect this landscape’s world-class cultural resources.

I am writing you to urge you to support a balanced approach to future energy development for the Greater Chaco Landscape. By listening to all the stakeholders, BLM can come up with a plan that is a win-win – allowing for responsible energy development, while also protecting the cultural resources, outdoor recreation opportunities, clean air and water and traditional lifestyles of native communities.  The NM BLM state office can lead the way in ensuring that we have a balanced solution for the Greater Chaco Landscape.

Thank you for your consideration.