New Mexico Park Visitation Rises

Paul Reed from Archaeology Southwest pens a blog post on the visitation rise for NM National Parks. Read the full post at their website.

Several factors may be responsible for the uptick, including a promotional push by the Park Service in conjunction with its 100-year anniversary. Given the threats that the Greater Chaco Landscape currently faces, I welcome the opportunity to blog again about Chaco. Archaeology Southwest and its partners (Partnership for Responsible Business, National Trust for Historic Preservation, National Parks Conservation Association, and The Wilderness Society) have worked hard over the last two years to raise awareness about the impacts of oil-gas development on lands adjacent to the Park. I’ve talked about these efforts in a series of blog posts over the last year or so. Archaeology Southwest and its partners continue to be engaged in the process that the Farmington BLM is undertaking to amend their Resource Management Plan (RMP). Further, we continue to call on BLM to prepare a master leasing plan for the Greater Chaco Landscape as part of this process. This plan can provide a much-needed vision for managing this landscape and ensuring that its world-class cultural resources and modern-day residents are fully protected before additional leasing and development take place.