Daily Times, "Sen. Tom Udall and Interior Deputy Secretary Connor hit the trail at Chaco Park on Monday"

Udall said the visit to the World Heritage site — one of 22 in the U.S. — was an opportunity to reacquaint himself and other officials with the park as he walks a fine line between satisfying the people concerned with preserving the state’s cultural resources, and people who favor increased oil and gas production.

”Today for me is trying to see if we can find the balance going forward,” Udall said while hiking the park’s Pueblo Alto trail. “Many of the government agencies are working hard to do that. But it’s always good to revisit and take a look and ask questions (and see) where we’re headed in the future. Just being out here and seeing all this history, you know how important it is and, obviously, we have to have that be part of the equation.”
— http://www.daily-times.com/four_corners-news/ci_28404826/sen-tom-udall-and-interior-deputy-secretary-connor