Albuquerque Journal, "BLM seeks to amend land-use plan for drilling."

Another concern people have raised centers around Chaco Culture National Park.

“The big thing is, we would like to see Chaco and the preservation of the park considered in part with any development plans the BLM should come up with,” said Tom Pittenger, spokesman for the Park Rangers for Our Parks organization based in Dolores, Colo.

He said the plan needs to include measures that protect the air quality of the area since the park has a nighttime observatory.

He noted that BLM has withdrawn some leasing options near the park, and he hopes that type of regard for the park continues.

New Mexico Wildlife Federation representatives hope the plan will incorporate provisions to protect wildlife in northwest New Mexico. “We would truly like to see a master plan that takes into consideration the big-game migration corridors,” said Garrett VeneKlasen, federation executive director.