Santa Fe New Mexican, "Touching Chaco: Confront the lessons of the past and consider the course of the future."

People at Zuni, particularly the religious people, are worried about development approaching the ruins. He’d been told that another 1,500 oil wells could be drilled in the basin within the next 15 to 20 years.

Chaco is sacred to not just his Zuni people but to many Native cultures, he says.

For Native people, the land isn’t an escape. It’s a return.

“We call that our spiritual place and (it’s) part of our umbilical cord to our migration route. So that’s very important to us, and we’ve never left those homelands. They’re part of our spirits,” he says, standing on the tarmac. “Our ancestors still live upon the lands. Every time we visit, we do offerings to greet them. Even though we don’t see them, they’re still in existence.”